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Palletizing RobotPalletizing RobotPalletizing RobotPalletizing RobotPalletizing Robot

Palletizing Robot

  • Product description: Automatic Robot for Stacking and Palletizing(China factory) Low price new Kuka palletizing robot provider($24000/set )KR120

China professional Palletizing robot manufacturer

Automatic Robot for Stacking and Palletizing(China factory)
low price new Kuka palletizing robot provider($24000/set )KR120

Honor company produce palletizing robot,and we are also KUKU,ABB,FANUC robot agent in China
can provide low price,high quanlity KUKU,ABB,FANUC robot

Product Application

High efficiency automatic robotic palletiser for stacking, palletizing robot, palletizer can be used in any production line, providing intelligent, mechanization for production site. It is a palletising logistic system which can be used in the industries of beer, water, soft drink, milk, beverage and foodstuff etc. It is widely used for carton, plastic crate, bottle, bag, barrel, shrink wrapped product and can etc.

Technical data
Maximum reach 2701 mm
Maximum payload 167 kg
Rated payload 120 kg
Rated supplementary load, rotating column / link
arm / arm
0 kg / 0 kg / 50 kg
Pose repeatability (ISO 9283) ± 0.05 mm
Number of axes 6
Mounting position Floor
Footprint 754 mm x 754 mm
Weight approx. 1069 kg


Robot arm

Japanese brand robot



German brand robot


Switzerland brand robot


our own brand


Main performance parameters

Speed capacity

8s per cycle

Adjust according to products and arrangement per layer


About 8000kg

Applicable product

Cartons, cases, bags, pouch bags

Containers, bottles, cans, buckets etc

Power  and air requirements

Compressed air


Electric power

17-25 Kw



3 phases

Main Features

1) Simple structure ,easy in installation and maintation.

2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts.

3) When there is some change about the production line, just need to modify the software program..

4) Running in a high automatization and intellectualization,no pollution

5) Robert Palletizer takes less space and more flexiable ,accurate compared to the traditional palletizer.

6) Reducing a lot of labour and labour cost, more productive.

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