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  • HN600 Palletizer Machine
  • HN600 Palletizer Machine
  • HN600 Palletizer Machine
  • HN600 Palletizer Machine
HN600 Palletizer MachineHN600 Palletizer MachineHN600 Palletizer MachineHN600 Palletizer Machine

HN600 Palletizer Machine

  • Product description: Factory Price Robotic Palletizing System, Bag Palletizer Machine, Palletizing Robot

Automatic bag stacking machine 1/3 cost of robot palletizer

robotic palletizing system, bag palletizer machine, palletizing robot

Product Description

1, Product Name: Automatic bag palletizer machine auto bag stacking machine

2, Item: HN-600

3,Technical parameters
-Applicable: stacking/palletizing palletizer for woven bags, kraft bags, paper-plastic compound bags

-Voltage: AC380V/50HZ, 11KVA

-Air source: 0.6-0.8MPa

-Air consumption: 130NL/min

-Palletizing capacity: 550-650 bags hourly for 40-50kg/bag

-Stacking style:

1, Total 9 layer 50 bags: 6 bags/layer * 8 layer + 2 bags * 1layer = 50 bags

2, Total 9 layer 54 bags: 6 bags/layer * 9 layer = 54 bags

3, Total 10 layer 50 bags: 5 bags/layer *10 layer = 50 bags

4, Customized at your need

-Pallet size: 1650mm×1450mm, 1600mm×1400mm or customized size

-Stacking machine(host) size: L*W*H 2800*1900*3500mm, not including the conveyor size

Working Process

This automatic palletizer machine is used for stacking bags on pallet, it's a new machine replace the robot palletizer, low cost and maintenance charge, easy operating, the stacking capacity can be 550-650 bags hourly. The working process: bags after weighing and sealing-conveying bags to the palletizing host

machine-bags flattening-pallet automatic conveying to the host machine-automatic stacking bags on pallet-conveying the pellet when finished stacking-remove by forklift


Automatic stacking machine
+Full automatic
+Robot hand-simulated stacking
+1/3 cost of robot palletizer machine
+Working stable and smoothly
+Fomous brand module,low maintenance cost
+PLC system with full touch screen panel
+Easy installation and operating
+Customized design or OEM service available

High stacking capacity
+Stacking 550-650 bags hourly
+Suit for different bags,such as woven bags etc
+Suit for various pallet size
+Various of bags stacking style for choose
+Full automatic, stacking bags flat and beautiful


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